Join the Hour of Code in Cambodia 2015

An international movement that is held in 180 countries across the world, the Hour of Code is a global computer science movement that was initiated by Computer Science Education Week and Code.Org. The movement aims to reach tens of millions of students across the world through a one-hour introduction to computer science and computer programming.

As of now, there have been 194,350 Hour of Code events that were held around the world, Cambodia included. According to Mr Kruy Vanna, Founder of Alien Dev and creator of the Khmer Smart Keyboard, he urges many schools in the Kingdom to join the movement as this will not only promote a technological era, but also share the value of IT education for world development.

The aim of the movement is to spark the interest of computer science and programing in young students. Not only is it fun, easy and exciting for students to learn about computer programming, it is also rewarding for them to achieve so much in just one hour. The movement aims not to teach someone to become an expert computer scientist but for anyone between the ages of 4-104 to learn how fun and creative computer science can be.

The Hour of Code in the Kingdom

The country is also a participating member of ‘encouraging the movement’, and the program will be held in Phnom Penh from 7th to 13th December 2015.

Mr Kruy Vanna said that he saw the current Cambodian boys and girls recognizing and knowing how to use a smartphone application fluently, especially for games, but that he did not want them to be only users, but to also know how to create it.

Stepping in to join the efforts of the movement was USAID’s Development Innovations and IT Academy’s STEP. Many schools including the American Intercon School, the Canadian International School, and the Liger Learning Centre are also supporting the movement by inviting their students to participate in the courses provided online.

To participate in the Hour of Code for the remaining week, you can register here or at this website to be volunteers in training and to share your knowledge to young students.

To simply embark on the journey of coding by yourself, you can read our beginner’s edition on learning how to code here.

Happy Hour of Code Week everyone! It’s our time to be geeky! :)