iPhone Case of the Month: Say Hello to Your Personal Assistant

With 2015 coming to a close, we have seen a year where smartphone usage has significantly increased in South East Asia. Evident in the statistics we compiled into an infographic here, it is safe to say that we now demand a lot more from our smartphones than just a mere call or text. Hence this month, we will be introducing to you smart iPhone cases that can function as your personal assistant in their own unique ways.

The first case up for introduction is the Lune iPhone Case. An iPhone case with a built in LED light on the back, the light actually lights up with either a call or message icon whenever it senses an incoming notification.


Photo Credits: odditymall.com


Photo Credits: digitaltrends.com

Powered by harvested electromagnetic energy that your iPhone emits, it does not affect your phone’s battery and is particularly useful when your phone is on silent mode and placed face down on a flat surface. The case also has a slight lip at the front so that your screen will not be in direct contact with the flat surface when placed faced down. A subtle but innovative way to be notified and especially useful in a business setting, this case is the go-to case that offers you a subtle but huge support as a personal assistant.

Next, introducing the Case-Mate Wallet Folio Case, which not only comes with a convenient wallet, it also has a 35000mAH battery to charge your phone on the go!


Photo Credits: casemate.com

Made with leather, it is a classy accessory for your iPhone especially in a business setting. What more can you ask for with an iPhone case that allows you to carry out your daily essentials while also packing a punch with an extra 125% battery life? Stylish and well thought out, its only flaw is that there is no protection for your iPhone screen to prevent it from getting scratched by your credit cards. However, it isn’t a big problem as it can be easily dealt with by purchasing a screen protector to stick onto your screen.

Finally, the Bikn Case (pronounced as ‘beacon’) by Treehouse Labs. A case that allows you to keep tabs on items to easily locate them with your phone after, it has a lot of versatility with its 3 main functions – ‘Find’, ‘Leash’ and ‘Page’. However, in order for the Bikn case to work, the user has to download the free myBIKN app which manages your network and also has to have accompanying Bikn tags to be tagged onto your items. Not to worry about the extra cost, as the Bikn starter kit comes with the case along with a set of 2 thumb-sized tags. You can also choose to purchase more tags if necessary as your Bikn network can have up to 8 different tags. Here are the differences between its 3 main functions.


Photo Credits: ubergizmo.com

The ‘Page’ function allows you to ‘call’ or find any other items in your Bikn network. What makes this case different from the other ‘item finding’ cases out there, is that both the tags and your phone case can be used to ‘call’ each other. By pressing onto the page button on any selected tags or cases will cause the tag or case play a lively tune that should help you locate your item with ease. Hence, if you have misplaced your phone, you could simply locate it with another tag or another Bikn Case as long as it is in the same network.

Next the ‘Leash’ function which as its name suggests, allows you to set a geo-fence to keep certain items within a certain range or to keep certain items close by. The user would be able to pre-set a radius of which your myBikn app would notify you if the tag has exited that boundary. Perfect for preventing your child or pet from wandering off, the ‘leash’ function has two levels of sensitivity which can be set up to 50 – 100 feet indoors and more than 500 feet outdoors.

The final function, ‘Find’ is the simplest and most straightforward. It helps you to locate your tagged item by telling you an estimate of the distance between you and the item. It also specifies the direction by notifying you on how ‘hot or cold’ you are in terms of locating your item.

If you are wondering if the case would eat up your phone’s battery, not to worry as the Bikn case comes with it’s own battery that will charge along with your phone after your iPhone is done charging. Your iPhone will also notify you once your case is running out of battery and your tag will also start blinking a red light to notify you once it is running out of battery.

A final word

So for those of you who feel like your world revolves around your mobile phone, why not take it one step further and get an iPhone case that can also function as your personal assistant? With the added assistance and convenient functions these covers can provide for you, you will be able to add a unique value to your phone that no one else has!