Interview: Cambodian Startup Sroul K

Sroul K, a mobile application that allows users to list properties for rent or sale, is looking to ease the process of navigating through the real estate market in Cambodia.

We speak to Christophe Dalla Riva, CEO of Innovation K and founder of Sroul K, to find out more about the app.

This interview has been edited for length, clarity and flow.

Can you tell us more about Sroul K and how it works?

Sroul K is mainly a mobile application. Available on both smartphone and tablet for Android and iOS, you can post your property on the app or find out what properties are available on the Cambodian market right now.

Sroul K allows users to view available properties around the country

The app features the different types of properties listed by sellers

How did you come up with the idea for this app?

I’ve been living in Cambodia for nine years, and I spent much time looking for an apartment for rent or for sale. There are no mobile applications in the Cambodian market to help buyers and seekers to close deals. So, we created one.

How long has your app been in the market?

Nine months.

What impact does Sroul K have on Cambodia, especially the real estate scene? 

We have just started promoting the app. But almost immediately, many Cambodians were interested in posting their property on the app. The Cambodian market for real estate is really complicated, with many shareholders and development projects, so having a useful mobile application is interesting for both sellers and buyers.

What were some of the challenges you faced when during the creation of this app?

The first challenge was using the Khmer language. It’s always complicated to create an app that can not only work with the Khmer Unicode to display Khmer content, and but also allow Cambodians to publish announcements in the Khmer language if they want to.

The second challenge was that Cambodian users are not really familiar with mobile apps yet; so, we tried to simplify the process of making an announcement as much as possible.

What do you hope to achieve in Sroul K in the future?

We think that Sroul K will become the reference for the real estate market in Cambodia.

For more information on how Sroul K works, take a look at the video down below. Alternatively, you can visit Sroul K.