Intermediate Edition: Learn How to Code Online

What do the Youtube, Google and Pinterest websites all have in common? If you are a geek, you would know that every one of those websites were birthed with a source code. A source code is derived by coding, which it is simply imputing computer language into a software via text to build a new website specific to the colours and measurements. If this is foreign to you, check out the Beginner Edition of How to Code here, where we listed 5 recommended websites to pick up the basics of coding.

This week however, we will be introducing another 5 websites where those of you with a little bit more experience can learn how to code. Let’s get started!

1. Code School (

A coding school that focuses on trying to make coding as fun as possible for the user, they have incorporated both gaming elements and storylines in their tutorials. Even though only their introductory course is free, it is catered for fast paced learners and is a good refresher course for those who are getting a bit rusty. Teaching mainly ruby, Javascript, HTML/CSS and iOS, this website provides various in-depth tutorials and practice questions which is ideal for a quick revision to test and re-evaluate your skill set.

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Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 9.38.32 am

2. edX (

Known as a free online school supported by prestigious partners such as Harvard University and MIT, edX offers a variety of courses other than computer science. An online platform that reflects a school timeline with proper procedures in place, it is the website to go to if you require a strict schedule to follow. Most of their content also comes from various universities ensuring well thought out lessons and structured explanations. This would be the perfect website to go to if you are intending to seriously take your coding skills to the next level and search for a job in a related field. However, even though most of the courses are free, if you would like to have a verified certificate to ascertain the course you’ve completed, you will be required to pay a fee.

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3. Free Code Camp (

Free Code Camp is a website that provides free courses and even allows you to use your new skills to help non profit organisations by helping them to building applications and websites. All for a good cause, this website uniquely combines providing you a platform to upgrade your coding skills while helping non-profit organisations at the same time. It is a project that is extremely helpful for those intending to add coding onto their portfolio as the applications and websites built for the non profit organisations would provide an additional edge and experience over your peers.

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4. HTML5rocks (

A google project that has a strong community of writers, HTML5rocks isn’t focused on a single series of tutorials catered to everyone. Instead, it is a community made up of various authors, where they each contribute related content and come up with their own tutorials or even tips. Hence depending on the author, various tools such as videos and photos are used. This website would be a good platform for those who have experience as there are many tips and tutorials on how to go about improving your skills and solving certain problems you may face.


5. Mozilla Developer Network, MDN (

A website that is designed for developers by developers, it is a learning platform for various web technologies and softwares. Supported by Mozilla, it backs their mission to promote openness and innovation on the Web. It has a slight academic approach with textbook-like explanations on the various aspects of web building along with demos that you can download. One of few completely free website with an extensive collection of resources and training materials, it serves as a perfect website to refer to should you happen to encounter any problems or seek to have a deeper understanding certain programming languages.

Mozilla Developers Network

Embarking on the journey:

No matter if you haven’t been in touch with the coding world for a long time, it is always a good time to pick up your skills and re-ignite that passion for coding again! Once you have harnessed the skill, you will be free to express your creativity and boost a unique website that you’ve created. Be it to expand your skillset or to add another achievement to your portfolio, you can be sure that coding is an essential skill that is sure to help you in one way or another in this digital age.