Google Business Group Phnom Penh: Growth Hacking for Startups

Any Google enthusiasts out there who are looking to make a change in your business? Supported by both Google and Codingate, the Growth Hacking (GH) workshop will be the first of its kind of training programmes to empower the Cambodian Startup Community.

With technique workshops, participants can expect to learn from lesson plans that are tailored to enable them to gain the needed knowledge and tools to leverage their business. GH by GBG Phnom Penh will also be a platform where the community openly shares resources for entrepreneurs.

Cool open sources and free tools for businesses are only part of it, the event will also witness sharing sessions by local tech and entrepreneur experts sharing about the various tools they use as well as how budding entrepreneurs can take advantage of growth hacking. Experts have also been invited to share about what they have learned over the years and to share their entrepreneurial success.

Not only will this be a great chance to get to meet other like-minded individuals, GH by GBG Phnom Penh will also bring together aspiring entrepreneurs under one roof to facilitate interaction for knowledge sharing.

Interested? Register here! Did we also mention this is free-of-charge for the public? ;)



Date: February 6, 2016

Time: 8.30am – 11.30am

Venue: Emerald Hub (11th Floor, PPIU Building, St 169)

Tel: 017 379 887 / 010 468 989

@: gbgcambodia(at)