Getting Connected: Smart Office Gadgets

While smart homes are a common popular trend, why not have a smart office as well considering the amount of time we spend working in the office? In our fifth installment of our ‘Getting Connected’ series, we will take a look at four amazing, quirky home-based gadgets to smarten up your workplace!

Belkin WeMo Insight Switch

Are you frustrated with fluctuating office electricity bills or wish you could set your multiple devices on a schedule to remotely turn them on or off? The Belkin Insight Switch is your answer to monitoring energy usage and controlling your electronics from anywhere in your office. This incredible WiFi-enabled smart office device is compatible with Android and iOS and allows you to make custom notifications and alerts based on your preferred schedule.

Belkin 1

For example you could set an alert to inform you when the shared office printer has finished processing your project or get notified of which extra devices in the office are still in use to turn them off after office hours. These flexible schedules are made possible by simply downloading the free WeMo app.

Belkin 2

Simple to use and easy to install, the Belkin Insight Switch connects all the office electronic devices to your Wi-Fi network to allow you to change your device status, schedule when to turn off the lights and get insights on energy usage from anywhere, which is useful in finding out which specific electronic equipment is using the most amount of energy. You can find out more information on how it works in the video below.

Nest Learning Thermostat

The Nest Learning Thermostat takes saving energy and adjusting your office temperature to a whole new level. If you are too lazy to program this smart office device, the Nest Thermostat will program itself automatically and it can be controlled from your phone, tablet or laptop.

Nest 1

This amazing smart office device will learn what temperature you prefer and create an instant personalized schedule for your office within a week. It automatically learns the time it takes for your office to heat up and cool down to reach your desired temperature and it will adjust to read and set the right temperature in auto-away mode so no energy is wasted in an empty office.

Nest 2

When using the Nest app, you would be able to set the temperature, change your schedule and check the energy history to view how much air conditioning you have used for the past 10 days, which makes it easy to plan and save on energy usage.

Quirky Pivot Power Genius– Flexible Surge Protector

Simple yet effectively brilliant, this smart simple office solution comes in the form of a flexible power strip that bends to fit every sized plug and adapter without wasting a single plug space. This comes incredibly useful in an office environment full of electronic devices with various plugs of different shapes and sizes.

Pivot 1

In addition, it allows users to independently control two outlets from their mobile devices using an app. This can be done manually or scheduled automatically from anywhere at anytime so energy is not wasted when your fully charged device is plugged.

Pivot 2

Furthermore, this quirky invention has a four feet long extension cord with a flat 90-degree plug to put power into hard-to-reach places and offers 1080 joules of rock-solid surge protection to prevent unwanted sparks during accidental spikes in voltage. More information can be found here

SmartThings Hub

For those who want a complete, comprehensive smart office solution, there is the SmartThings Hub, which unifies and automates all your smart office devices under one app.

ST 2

Installed at the heart of your office, the SmartThings Hub can connect seamlessly with hundreds of Wi-Fi enabled smart devices (such as Belkin’s WeMo Insight Switch) and uses a free app to control all your smart office products directly from your smartphone. It can provide notifications based on the status of your smart devices and your smartphone instantly becomes the remote control of your smart office.


You can find out more about the SmartThings Hub in their website here