Everjobs Reports on Women’s Role in the Cambodian Labour Market

Everjobs is one of the fastest growing online career portals in the Kingdom and every quarter, they release a report that analyses the labour market of Cambodia.

The report noted several interesting points including the fact that “IT” was the most searched type of job and “Internet Services” ranked as the second highest trending industry searched. Indeed, this is testament to the rise of the internet and technology in Cambodia.

Another interesting factor to be noted is the trends amongst women in the online labour market. For Geeks in Cambodia, this is the first of a series of upcoming articles that focuses on Women in Technology.

In the report from everjobs, it revealed that there was substantial gender disparity between those who were submitting online applications as over 68% of applicants were male and only 32% of applicants were female.

These figures are further exemplified when looking at the differences between gender ratios in the different labour sectors. For example, the report stated that there were 37.1% of men for every 29.1% of women in the service industry.

Speaking about this disparity, Alexandra luchyk, Business Development Manager at everjobs Cambodia said, “the labour market is constantly evolving but we can still notice that there are important difference between Phnom Penh and Cambodian provinces in terms of unemployed rates, labour sectors and labour gender trends.”

For everjobs, the gender disparity trend is one that they are actively trying to break. In an effort to do this, they have collaborated with the Cambodian Women Entrepreneur Association (CWEA).

The CWEA provided even greater insight into the role of women in the labour market, specifically with regards to entrepreneurship as they revealed that every 1.7% of women’s businesses that are registered, 6.6% of men’s businesses are registered.

However, moving forward, things are on the up as new programmes are being implemented to buck this trend.

With the formation of associations like The Ministry of Woman’s Affairs, the National Council for Women and everjobs providing easy access to available jobs for women, it means that the gender disparity trend could very well be broken in the near future.

Furthermore, the youths of Cambodia will also continue to benefit from improving education schemes. These schemes include the implementation of EdTech as well as the focus on STEM education that is slowly being introduced into the Cambodian education system.

With these measures in place, the next generation of women will be better equipped to contribute to the economy and become entrepreneurs themselves.

Oknha keo Mom, the president of CWEA said that the hope is to see “Cambodian women becoming entrepreneurs and their businesses start, grow and succeed in their industries and make a meaningful impact in the economic development of the country.”

Indeed, here at GIC, we too believe that women have a key role to play in the development of the Kingdom’s economy and that they can be successful entrepreneurs with amazing startup ideas that could shape the nation for years to come.

To find out more about everjobs or use its online portal, logon to http://bit.ly/2cBVnXU.

Information for this article was taken from an everjobs press release. A summary of the press release can be found in the infographic below.

Information for this article was taken from an everjobs press release. A summary of the press release can be found in the infographic below. Click to view the infographic.