Digital audio advertising: trends and insights in 2021

Marketers are always on the look for effective means to reach consumers, and in the digital advertising landscape, audio platforms started to emerge.

A report published in 2020 by The Australian Interactive Advertising Bureau shows that advertising placements within audio streaming services have increased by 68% in the APAC region since 2018, and are mostly driven by brand awareness objectives.

A paper released by Httpool, an Aleph Holding company and the largest global partner of major media platforms, announces the launch of the ‘Tune into ‘Digital Audio’ in 2021. This paper is offering marketers a glimpse into the most recent digital audio advertising insights, and is aimed at brands and marketers to streamline and improve digital audio advertising planning for 2021.

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It outlines how and why businesses should integrate a mobile business strategy into their marketing strategy in today’s market. People increasingly prefer mobile devices to any other type of gadget. Audio, unsurprisingly, accounts for the majority of the time spent using mobile apps regularly. Digital Audio marketing is highly measurable and targeted. Marketers may be confident in the contextual relevance of their ads in addition to employing typical targeting parameters like demographics, geography, and device.

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“When you advertise on digital audio channels, you reach people who are doing and thinking things they wouldn’t do or think if they were exposed to more congested marketing channels. Digital audio allows advertisers to access the listening experience, where there is less competition. Audio should be approached holistically, blending in with all other formats along the user’s path,” states Shuhel Pistawala, Partner Director, Indochina, Httpool

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You can read the full paper here.