Creating a Mission-Driven Startup Culture

Apart from the perks, the glitz and the glam of startup culture, corporations around the world are beginning to see the benefits of this particular culture. Recently, tech giant Samsung Electronics pledged to replace their authoritarian ways with that of a startup. Fun offices and pool tables aside, we’ll take you to the root of what drives a successful work culture, startup or not.

Defining Your Core 

Firstly, it is crucial that you’re able to articulate the mission and vision of your company. It could be teamwork, passion or integrity; the core values of your company should act as guiding principles for your plans present and future. With whatever decision you make, ensure that it is in line with what your business stands for. Define your company’s values and be sure to communicate to it your team. As you scale your business, keeping your visions front and center will prevent a disparate, disconnected team.

Setting the Core as Foundation for Growth

After the company’s core has been defined, the values and visions should reflect in business decisions and communications with clients and the team. From identifying target markets to hiring potential employees, ensure that your core values play a consistent role. Explain your rationale for business strategies and keep in mind that it has to link back to your company’s mission and vision. During team meetings, add an element of transparency where employees can voice their concerns, opinions and questions. When everyone is on the same page, it’ll be easier for the team to move together.

Foster Diversity

In order to shape a world-class team, it is crucial to integrate talents with different perspectives and backgrounds. One example of diversity would be embracing gender equality; having women in leadership roles can establish a culture that is more supportive of women. Likewise, appointing people of different races as leaders can establish a culture that values skills over racial differences. Through encouraging open conversations where men and women of different races can share their ideas and thoughts, the team will have a range of perspectives and opinions as well. These open conversations can help to establish a balanced, healthy workplace, one that is capable of hiring from the broadest talent pool.

While defining your values in the early days is easy, it takes true entrepreneurs to expand on them and drive them as principles of growth. It may seem simple, but beyond a quirky workplace and little perks, a strong culture built upon values and diversity cannot be underestimated.

Adapted from Mashable Asia.