Cambodia ICT Award Winners: Khmer Academy

In June, the Cambodia ICT Awards Ceremony showcased the talents of many Cambodian entrepreneurs as they were rewarded for their innovation and creativity.

With their mission to provide free online learning resources for Cambodians, Khmer Academy was one of the winners present at the awards ceremony. Through high quality services such as informative e-learning videos, the startup aims to provide all Cambodian learners with free, unique content.

Tola Pheng, a Developer at Khmer Academy, tells us more about the startup, its impacts and future plans.

This interview has been edited for length, clarity and flow.

Can you tell us more about Khmer Academy and what it does?

Khmer Academy is an e-learning platform developed for Cambodian people. We, the Korea Software HRD Center, developed Khmer Academy because we wanted to improve the education in Cambodia by using technology. As we know, most of the online learning resources are in English, and Cambodians have limited English abilities. Online learning resources in Khmer for Cambodian people are very limited. That’s why we developed Khmer Academy, which is focused on the Khmer language.

There are three services that Khmer Academy provides. The first one is e-learning videos, which enables all users to learn through watching these videos. The second one is tutorials. Users can learn through reading articles that come with explanations and examples. Finally, users can use our forum service to ask or answer questions. All the services that we developed are in Khmer and, of course, are free of charge.

How will Khmer Academy impact the Cambodian market?

Khmer Academy will play an important role in terms of helping the development of Cambodia’s education system. It will have a good impact on learners throughout the country, since everyone can use it anytime and anywhere. Khmer Academy also provides very useful services, such as high quality, unique content that is free of charge.

What were some of the challenges you faced with your business?

As you know, Khmer Academy provides free learning services for Cambodians through the Internet. Currently, we are facing two main challenges. The first one is that the Internet service is not wide enough. In some rural areas, people don’t even have electricity, so how can they use the Internet? However, we believe that in the near future, the number of Internet users will increase depending on the government’s policy on electricity, as well as the services from ISP and telecom companies. The second thing is the content. We hope that people with a higher level of education in Cambodia will fully support our activities by providing us with the content that they have created, and share it with more people.

What are some of your key takeaways from the Cambodia ICT Awards?

Khmer Academy won the Cambodia ICT Awards for Digital Contents sector. To achieve this challenge, our team has employed great efforts on Khmer Academy. We have developed Khmer Academy to be the first open e-learning platform in Cambodia. Even though we are only a year old, we have completed almost 2,000 videos, divided into 92 course subjects. Khmer Academy is young, but we have over 23,000 registered users, and around 15,000 monthly active users. 

What are your future plans for Khmer Academy?

We hope that Khmer Academy will play an important role in Cambodia’s education. Regardless of location, all Cambodians will have equality in education by learning through the Internet. We hope that by 2020, Khmer Academy users will increase to one million. Moreover, we are planning to extend more services to support Cambodian education using ICT.