BUS5: Cambodia’s First Last-Minute Bus Ticketing App

There is no doubt that in the past few years, Cambodia has welcomed the significant advancements in technology and the digital age with open arms as Internet users in the Kingdom shot up by a whooping 2.1 million in the past year.

As a result, it is no surprise that the government is trying to maximize the potential of this growth by including online systems into their transportation. They believe that modern technology can help improve and grow the transport sector at a faster rate, and encourage private buses to be open to using them.

Mrs. Koy Sodany, undersecretary of the Ministry of Public Works and Transport, expresses that utilising online systems is crucial in moving forward as a country, especially when neighbouring countries like Thailand are already using the Internet for a majority of their activities.


This was part of her opening remarks in the recent seminar hosted by BookMeBus, an online bus-ticketing portal, and mobile banking service Wing Specialised Bank, where the product preview of Bus5, a last-minute bus booking app, was launched. Mrs Koy Sodany talks about the importance of incorporating technology into transport in Cambodia.

The first of its kind, Bus5 is a sister mobile app to BookMeBus which allows booking of bus tickets on demand by connecting bus operators to customers in real-time. These bookings can even be completed 5 minutes before departure time in 5 steps (thus its name), which targets the majority of Cambodian passengers who do not buy bus tickets in advance.

Mr Langda Chea, co-founder and CEO of BookMeBus, stated that such technology is important in improving businesses and bridging the gap in operation of bus companies who have yet to take advantage of such advancements.

Various representatives of bus companies and mobile payment service providers across Cambodia attended this seminar and Mr Chea demonstrated the use of Bus5 in hopes of attaining partnerships with them.

“Partnering with local startups allows Cambodians in this bus transport sector access to fast and secure financial services from Wing. It’s a milestone to make Cambodian lives easier by marrying Wing’s best payment solutions with BookMeBus’ technologies,” says Mr JoJo Malolos, Chief Executive Officer at Wing.

With such promising features, Bus5 looks to be a budding child project of BookMeBus that aims to avoid obstacles BookMeBus had when it first started – the lack of Cambodian passengers due to scarce use of online payment in Cambodia then. In fact, most of their early customers were foreigners.

However, with the Bus5 app catering to last-minute bookings, coupled with its collaboration with Cambodia’s leading mobile banking service, Wing, the app becomes an attractive and reliable platform that both passengers and bus companies can benefit from.

A case of parenting done right? We at Geeks in Cambodia definitely think so! We are especially excited to see how this app would be received when public holidays roll in and last-minute getaways are beyond tempting.

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