Apps to Boost Your Entrepreneurial Productivity

Whether you’re at the forefront of your business or you’re busy racing around having meetings with clients, being on top of things is never an easy feat. From a sleek to-do list to a handy bookmark and a guide on maintaining your focus, we’ve compiled apps to keep you at your peak.


We begin with a simple to-do list, complete with due dates, reminders and customizable organisation, that will help you finish your tasks. With its sleek interface and a ‘ding’ of validation whenever you’ve completed an errand, Wunderlist is a crowd favourite for professional and personal to-do lists.

Wunderlist is there to “keep your life in sync”; it helps you plan for anything and reminds you of your tasks as often as you like. The app allows you to share and collaborate your to-do lists with anyone, and can be accessed from all your major devices.

Wunderlist can be found for free on the App Store and the Google Play Store. Visit Wunderlist to get a full list of where the app is available.


While Evernote has similarities to Wunderlist, this app is more focused on note taking and the storing of your ideas. The place to keep your notes, projects and ideas across all your digital devices, Evernote also allows users to draw, scribble and take pictures. Furthermore, you will be able to look for anything from your notes, including your handwritten scribbles.

Apart from storing information, Evernote gives users the option to collaborate and share their notes as well.

Evernote is available on the App Store and the Google Play Store.


An app for team communications, Slack allows you to organise your team conversations by topic, team or project with a channels feature. Apart from their drag and drop function for file sharing, the app is also integrated with services such as Dropbox, Asana, Google Drive and Twitter; this means your documents are immediately in sync and can be found in-app.

Searching your entire archive has never been more specific; with filters such as “from”, “in” or “after”, you can search for a message from someone, in a specific channel, or after a certain date, respectively.

Slack is available on the App Store and the Google Play Store. Visit Slack for a full list of where it is available.


Forget bookmarking your articles and never going back to them again – Instapaper gives you a simple, uncluttered way to read your articles offline.

Articles or reading material can be saved from other apps and the web with a simple tap. After saving your article, control your reading experience by adjusting the font, colour theme and spacing options. Make notes and highlight quotes as Instapaper unclutters and saves only the content of a webpage. Furthermore, the app has the capability to narrate your articles.

Instapaper is available on the App Store and the Google Play Store.

Focus booster

A little different from the previous productivity app, focus booster is an app that works with the Pomodoro Technique to drive and maintain focus. The Pomodoro Technique is a time management solution where you work in sprints of 25 minutes before taking a 5-minute break.

Focus booster comes with a customisable Pomodoro timer that lasts a default 25 minutes. Every time you finish a task, your focus session is automatically recorded onto a timesheet. Alternatively, you can manually log meetings and other tasks onto the timesheet as well. With charts and graphs on where your time went, tracking and managing your time has never been clearer.

Focus booster is available on Mac and Windows Desktop here.