Announcement: Social Entrepreneurship Launchpad in Battambang

Sponsored by Cellcard and held in partnership with the University of Battambang and Soksabike, Impact Hub will be bringing Social Entrepreneurship (SE) Launchpad to Battambang from 20th November to 22nd November 2015.

Through 9 practical and interactive steps, SE Launchpad will provide an overview of social entrepreneurship and it will also show participants how to transform an idea into a viable business proposition.

These steps include:

  • Understanding a social or environmental problem affecting their community
  • Creating an effective solution
  • Developing a strong value proposition and an innovative business model
  • Building a sustainable financial plan
  • Creating an inspirational vision and mission
  • Ensuring the business has a positive and scalable impact
  • Utilizing all elements given above to pitch their venture to a panel of real-life investors and entrepreneurs.

Inclusive of an all-round lesson plan, SE Launchpad is suitable for an entrepreneur looking for some advice or a student who wants to learn more about social entrepreneurship. Anyone who is looking to learn how to analyse a problem and to build a strong plan to launch or strengthen your social enterprise is also welcome to attend the event.

To register, head here to fill in the form and to also pay a registration fee of $10, which includes lunch and a beverage. Registration is open from 27th October to 11th November, which leaves only a few days! An online interview will also be held from 12th November to 14th November.

To find out more the event and about similar Launchpads held around Cambodia, head here. See you guys there!