KAS Holds Event on Digitalisation in Cambodia

German political think tank foundation Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) Cambodia recently launched their latest publication “Digital Insights: Economic Transformation in Cambodia and Abroad,” which looks at a wide range of topics, mainly by Cambodian authors, on topics including data-driven analysis of Cambodia’s digital landscape, to China’s use of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Geeks was at the launch event to learn more about KAS’s findings, and listen to some of the authors explain their research.

Dr. Daniel Schmucking, the Director of KAS Cambodia, hoped that the event would open a dialogue on future topics, and emphasised the importance of starting conversations now.

“For KAS it is important to get a glimpse into the future, to discuss some topics, and to raise awareness for these topics. And especially this question of digitalisation, which will have a huge impact on the way we are living and our economy.”

The 140-page volume is a compilation of ten articles from experts that covered the Kingdom’s digital journey, featuring many Cambodian authors.

Five of the authors were invited to share more about their articles and answered questions from the floor where a variety of topics were raised by the audience such as what can Cambodia do to counter the threat of automation.

“The answer is that no one really knows. There’s no silver bullet that says how we can manage it,” acknowledged Dev Lewis, author of the paper on China’s Artificial Intelligence, and expert on digitalisation in Asia.

Another area of discussion was on the role that digital technology can play in boosting financial inclusion in Cambodia.

“We need to incentivise people to use cashless technology. We can study the process of how the Chinese government connect stakeholders to encourage the people to go cashless,” explained Montha Kanika, who authored the chapter titled “Cambodia’s Journey to Become a Digital Economy.”

The panel diverse panel of speakers at the dialogue session. Photo credit: Geeks in Cambodia

At the end of the dialogue session, Dr. Daniel told attendees that KAS is committed to improve the discussion and study of digitalisation in Cambodia.

“We will have a lot of events next year, we will publish our digital insights again with more topics, so follow us on Facebook and then you will see.”

If you’re interested in getting one for yourself, the online version of the book is available on the foundation’s HERE, with sales of the hard copy version yet to be announced.

To keep track of the foundation’s events in the future you can follow the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Facebook page HERE!