Join The Official Launch of Cambodia’s ICT Federation

In the wake of the Ministry of Post and Telecommunication’s request for the ICT (Information and Communication Technology) industry consolidate into one federation; the launch of the official government spokesman community will happen at Intercontinental Hotel in Phnom Penh this Thursday.

Secretary of State H.E Kan Chanmeta and the ICT Federation board of directors will be hosting the launch event to account to the attendees about the new organization. They will explain the goals and directions of the founding board, and solicit input on topics the general community would like to have added into their concerns. In addition, they will be forming committees to address long-term issues, opportunities, and industry segments.

ICT Federation

Photo Credits: ICT Federation

The ICTF has already laid down some ambitious objectives to help develop the ICT sector and advance Cambodia to the digital age. They will be working towards the promotion of Cambodian IT companies’ growth and development by helping them to reduce cost, lower the barrier of entries for new startups, and provide tax incentives. They will also provide help to ensure that all the companies follow the same rules and regulations to promote fair competition; encourage more interest in ICT from all stakeholders, such as government, private sectors, and education; sway local companies to follow good standards; improve the ICT infrastructure by lowering the cost of data usage, and improve internet security.

Looking to develop the ecosystem of IT companies, and their research and development, they hope to connect ICTF members to ASEAN and the rest of world to work with various foreign embassies and others to encourage collaborations between local ICTF members and their foreign counterparts. At the root of it all, this will showcase Cambodia to the world as a viable and significant cost-efficient alternative to lead or assist in any ICT research and development projects in the region.


The agenda is as follows:

0800 – 0830: Registration

0830 – 0835: MC Opening

0835 – 0845 Blessing Dance

0845 – 0900: Welcome Speech by the ICTF Chairman

0900 – 0910: Congratulation Speech by H.E Sok Siphana (TBC)

0910 – 0925: Remark Speech from MPTC Leadership

0925 – 0930: ICTF Events

0930 – 0935: ICTF Membership

0935 – 0945: MC Closing, Photographs, and Q&A Session


The Launch of the ICTF will happen at Intercontinental Hotel in Phnom Penh (Imperial Room) on 24 July 2014, from 8am onwards. Interested parties can register their attendance here, or inform the organizer through email ( or phone (023991628).