Join Defense Saturday 3!

This week (24 January 2015), Security Academy will be holding its third Defense Saturday event at Development Innovations. It will happen from 2:30PM to 5:00PM. Cyber security is crucial, and this free event is something that will definitely aid you. If you are a system administrator, developer, programmer, IT student or IT user, this workshop is highly recommended.

Defense Saturday is an activity to raise the awareness of Information Security. Organised by, it focuses on the technical aspects of IT security, educating the public on how to protect your company and business from cyber attacks. These attacks have the power to gain access to assets such as intellectual properties, your core technology and more. Their vision is to help you gain understanding of these attacks, in order to prevent its occurrence.

This edition, participants will learn about common security issues should their businesses have their own Web Server. You will also be educated on the risk of freeware, and how to deploy firewalls in your network infrastructure.

The speakers for Defense Saturday 3 are:

Mr. Than Makara, Deputy Director, Center of Research and Development, NIPTICT, MPTC

Mr. Sem Vanthorn, Information Security Researcher at

Mr. Pen Pichdara, Network Engineer

They will be speaking about Web Server Security, Freeware and Frontline Defense respectively.

To register, visit here. For more information on the past editions of Defense Saturday, visit here.