It’s official : Facebook launches video update for Instagram

Getting information from live posting by The Guardian, we can confirm it is now official : Facebook launches video update for Instagram !

As we announced few days ago, Facebook informed media they would unveil a new product on June 20th during a very special press conference.

After hours of suspense and many assumptions, we now have confirmation that the unveiled mystery is all about this new Instagram’s update.

Few weeks ago, we talked about the promising Vine mobile app by Twitter, which subscriptions kept increasing day after day. After Twitter, it is now Facebook’s turn to implement video resources to an already very popular mobile app. Instagram has indeed currently 100 million active users, representing a huge potential for a new feature already made famous thanks to Vine. And as far as we’re concerned, we’re convinced that the combination of a popular mobile app, and a receipe reminding Vine’s one, can definitely be a success.

The best way to get a better idea of this new feature is to give it a try right away, as the update for both IOS and Android devices is available from right now !

The update allows you to record videos with a maximum length of 15 seconds. Just like on the photos function, the video one features 13 Instagram filters.

To access the video recording function, just use Instagram as usual, and you’ll discover the video icon now available :

facebook update instagram video

When choosing the video recording, you’ll be able to start your Instagram video just like you used to take Instagram pictures :

facebook update instagram video

Same thing as Vine mobile app, you can stop and start recording easily, in order to create special effects. Despite this new release, we remain convinced that Vine will also keep surprising its users, as Twitter already announced (only few minutes before Facebook’s conference), that they would unveil more updates and features about Vine.

So let’s get started with checking stop motion videos on both Vine and Instagram apps, and we’ll see from where we get the most interesting contents…