iPhone Case Of The Month: Up Your Selfie Game

2014 was certainly a huge year for selfies (and the introduction of wefies, essentially group selfies, though the term did not really catch on). The trend shows no signs of slowing down in 2015 as millions of selfies are uploaded on social networking sites everyday. However, as we usher in a new year, improvements have to be made. Up your selfie game this year with these handpicked cases! From build-in printers to illuminated cases, you definitely have to take a look.


Unless you use a professional camera just to take selfies (dedication!), chances are, your selfies have no artistic quality when shot in low light environments. Even during the day, people flock to face the sun in order to get the best lighting for their pictures, undeniably a key ingredient to a successful selfie. With the LuMee case, this will never be a concern of yours again. This light up iPhone case guarantees the best selfies possible in low light conditions. You can even adjust its brightness to your liking.

Lumee 1

Other than using it to light up your pictures, you can even use it as a makeshift torch to search through your purses or bags in the night.

Lumee 2 A before and after example when using the LuMee case.


And we’re back to wefies. Essentially group selfie shots, they are sometimes tricky to perfect. Either the high angle framing just does not work the way you want it to, or your arms are simply too short (story of my life…). With CaseCam, you will have the most epic group shots ever! It uses a flip-out mirror to take pictures without having to hold up your phone

Casecam 1CaseCam features a kickstand mirror to capture your images from a distance.

Using the CaseCam App, you can even sync it with another friend’s phone, allowing you to frame the photo while you are in it and take it remotely. Hello, perfect wefie, I’m on my way!

Casecam 2 An example of how the CaseCam iPhone Case works.


Now you have your picture taken, but perhaps you are a sentimental one. Want to print it out and keep it forever? Then you should take a look at Prynt, the iPhone case that can instantly print the photos you take. The great thing is? You do not have to go through tiresome procedures of connecting the case with your phone via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi!

Prynt 1 Photo Credit: Lowyat

The small French startup that created Prynt even took it one step further with the augmented reality feature. The Prynt app will capture a video of the moments around you while you take your picture. Then, print that particular picture out and hold it up to your phone’s camera. The video that was captured while you took the picture will then play on your screen!

There you have it, our top picks for you to take killer selfies, so go out there and strike your best pose!