iPhone Case Of The Month: Take Your Shot!

Picturesque sceneries and precious moments are often captured using our iPhone and hence it is no surprise the iSight camera is one of the most associated features of an iPhone for photo-worthy occasions. For this month, we will show you some of the best iPhone cases specially made for mobile photography. So sit back, relax and get ready to take your best shot!

Bitplay SNAP! 6 iPhone case

Beautifully designed with a metallic finish, the SNAP! 6 case wraps around your iPhone naturally with a modern look. Photography enthusiasts will appreciate the built-in shutter button; when the device is held horizontally, the shutter button is located on the upper right hand corner, the same way the shutter button is found on a traditional camera.
Bitplay 2

Furthermore, the SNAP! 6 case comes with an anti slippery grip design and users could attach their own hands free strap to prevent the risk of dropping their smartphone. This allows users to take a steady shot with one hand, which makes it great for taking selfies as well.


For those looking for the perfect shot, they can add more power by attaching a detachable macro or wide-angle lens for professional quality photos.

Even with all these added features, the iPhone’s charging ports, buttons and speaker are still fully accessible with the case installed for the user’s convenience. Available in four attractive colours to suit your style, this sleek and slim case is great for taking steady quality shots while offering a decent amount of protection for your iPhone from scratches or bumps.

Moment Case For iPhone

Similar to Bitplay’s SNAP! 6 iPhone case, the Moment case aims to be intuitive and easy to use for mobile photographers from a DSLR perspective. Made with custom TPU materials for enhanced grip, the Moment case is slim enough for everyday use and is easy to take in and out of pockets and features an optional camera strap attachment.

Perhaps one of its most distinctive features is its DSLR like shutter button. Users can half-press the shutter button to lock focus and exposure onto a specific object, or hold it down to unlock burst mode, just like a DSLR camera.

Moreover, the shutter button also works with on-screen features, which also provides advanced controls for an enhanced mobile photography experience. Users can click on the shutter button to focus and fine tune the lighting on screen to acquire the perfect photo.
Professional photographers can look forward to the smart lens interface, an added feature which smoothly integrates with the Moment lenses seamlessly and securely in place. The case will also automatically recognize when the lenses are attached to display certain features with each lens with the downloadable Moment app.
In addition, the Moment case features a tapered grip for convenient horizontal or vertical shooting and a rubberized grip to prevent accidental slips. Users can also attach a camera strap to the Moment case to strap around their wrist or neck.

Overall, when paired with the optional detachable lenses and the Moment app, the Moment case creates a powerful combination for professional photography suited for different settings in any situations while offering optimal protection for your iPhone.

INCIPIO Focal Camera Case
The INCIPIO Focal is the perfect case for casual photographers whom are not familiar with using DSLR cameras. The base design and features of the INCIPIO Focal is inspired from modern digital cameras and the case itself offers a full protection for your iPhone with a sleek, brushed aluminum finish.
Incipio 3
When successfully installed, the INCIPIO Focal instantly transforms your iPhone into an easy-to-use point and shoot camera. The wide variety of features found on the case are key recognizable elements found on a typical camera. These include the basic shutter button, programmable function button, the familiar lanyard wrist strap and even actual physical buttons for zooming in or out to take the perfect shot!

Likewise, the INCIPIO Focal also features an enhance grip, a key trait of most iPhone camera cases. The premium vegan leather grip helps to prevent accidental slips and makes it convenient for one-handed use.
INcipio 4
Additionally, users can download the free inCAMERA app to shoot, edit and share their photos seamlessly with easy access to all camera options. The INCIPIO Focal comes with a one-year warranty and is available in 5 matching colours.

In fair conclusion, all of the three camera cases have common features but are arguably suited for different lifestyles. The INCIPIO Focal is for casual photographers while the Moment case will be a better option for professional photographers. But if you are looking for something in-between, bitplay’s SNAP! 6 case will be a perfect addition to your iPhone case collection.