iPhone Case of the Month: Super Strong

Are you butter-fingered and clumsy? Does your iPhone have to suffer the consequences? Protect them with this month’s featured iPhone cases. Exceeding military-grade protection, intelligent material, intense shock absorbing – find it all here. These super strong cases will cushion the fall of your most treasured iPhone.

First contender, ShockDrop Rugged by Hard Candy cases. Though it may not be the prettiest of the lot, it is the best for grip.

Shockdrop InPhoto Credit: Hard Candy

It features 6mm of shock absorbing silicone at all four corners for all-rounded protection. Its port covers are tear proof, designed to stick and fit. The semi-rigid screen protector will ensure your screen does not get scratched up by the cold, unforgiving gravel. The body is merely 3mm of protection, extremely reasonable considering its benefits!

Next up, Tech 21’s Impact Band Case. The most unique of this month’s trio, this case uses a special material for protection against impact. Need a shield with no bulk? This is the one for you.

Impact InPhoto Credit: Tech 21

 Tech 21 cases feature D30® impact material. They are scientifically proven to absorb and dissipate impact. Deemed intelligent protection, the material’s molecules will lock together to cushion your iPhone. The higher the force of impact, the more they will lock together.

Want to see how the material fares when hit with a rubber mallet? Watch it in the video below!

Third (and last) of this month’s super strong cases is MightyShell by Speck. Impressingly enough, it meets double the requirements for military-grade drop test protection standards. Additionally, it is only 4mm thick.

Speck InPhoto Credit: Speck

The case has a raised bevel to protect the screen, and inner walls that compress on impact in order to absorb shock. The bonus? It comes with lifetime warranty.

Check out Speck’s humorous dramatisation of the case:

Now go, get some protection and always remember, “It is better to be safe than sorry”!