iPhone Case Of The Month: Super Cases

For this month’s iPhone case series, we are featuring extraordinary cases that are far from ordinary! From defying gravity to having interchangeable modules, these super iPhone cases are designed to save the day!

Mega Tiny Anti-Gravity Case


First on our list, we have a special iPhone case that defies gravity by Mega Tiny. This unique case allows you to stick your iPhone onto most flat, smooth vertical surfaces like walls or on a whiteboard without being sticky or leaving smudges.

This incredible feature is made possible by a special Nano-suction material on the back of the case, which provides a strong grip onto most surface materials which includes glass, metal and tiled surfaces. From writing on the white board while referring to tutorial videos on your iPhone to hands-free selfies, the possibilities are endless for its uses.

Screen Shot 2015-06-14 at 9.55.12 am

At just 3mm thick (about the thickness of 2 dimes), this sleek marvel makes it easy to carry in your pocket and has a raised edge to protect your iPhone from bumps and drops. The Mega Tiny Anti-Gravity case comes in black and white color.

Still not convinced this smartphone case actually sticks to surfaces? Check out the video below to see for yourself!

Nexpaq Modular Case

photo-original copy

The next iPhone case on the list is truly a smart case for smart phones. Introducing the world’s first modular smartphone case: the Nexpaq.
The first of its kind, the Nexpaq is basically the Swiss-army knife of all smartphone cases.

Imagine the possibility of adding extra features you want on your iPhone and instead of downloading and installing it as multiple apps, you can physically interchange them whenever you want on your iPhone case and you will get the unique Nexpaq smartphone case


Furthermore, each Nexpaq case features a built-in battery to give your iPhone an extra battery boost while fulfilling the function of protecting your iPhone. This incredible smart case comes in Black/Green and Classic White.

Learn more about how these wonderful interchangeable modules work in this video below!

AQUATIK Ultra-Protective Case By LUNATIK

Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 5.32.54 pm

Last but not least, we have the Aquatik, an ultra protective case that is fully dustproof and waterproof for the ultimate form of iPhone protection.

While most waterproof protection iPhone cases have a thick and rugged profile to keep the water out, Aquatik successfully retains its sleek design with an IP68 Ingress protection rating.

Designed to be ultra-sleek, the waterproof Aquatik iPhone case raises the bar with an airtight seal, keeping out the dust and offering an advanced level of protection for your iPhone like no other.

KS_Story v4

Even with its full body external hard-shell protection, the Aquatik is still touch ID compatible with a snap-in design and an impact bumper for a good anti-slip grip. The Auqatik comes in 4 attractive colors to suit your style, Black, white, orange and pink.