iPhone Case of the Month: Leave Your Health In Our Hands

It is the first iPhone Case of the Month article for year 2016 and since it is the January edition, we will be starting the year right with cases that will benefit your health in one way or another! Be it monitoring your health vitals or protecting yourself from harmful radio frequencies, these cases will help you to keep track of your health status and ensure that you know your body best. Let’s get started!

First up, the Moscase! Though quite an uncommon name for a case, this name was actually derived from combining the words ‘Modular’, ‘Smart’ and ‘Case. True to it’s name, it is a really smart case as it comes with built in sensors that can detect and measure your body heat, heart rate, oxygen saturation, body fat percentage and stress level. However, that is just the basic frame of the iPhone Case as the Moscase also had a unique feature where you can switch the cover on the back of your case to different backings which each has different functions. Living up to the ‘Modular’ in its name, some of these functions include an extra battery life, speakers, a Breathalyzer which is extremely useful for a night out and if a single screen isn’t enough, even an extra screen! Described by Techcrunch as the batman’s utility belt for iPhone cases, this case allows you to maximize and expand your iPhone case’s functionality. However, if you just prefer a simple case with monitoring sensors, the Moscase without any add-ons is as equally impressive.

Moscase - blog.atmel

Photo Credits: blog.atmel

Next up, a case similar to the Moscase but a lot more health centered, the Kito Health Tracker Case. Previously known as the ‘Wello Case’, this iPhone case has generated a lot of publicity due to its ingenious and all rounded approach towards monitoring its user’s health. The Kito allows you to take your ECG (electrocardiogram, electrical activity displayed as waves), heart rate, blood oxygen level, temperature, respiration and blood pressure by simply holding your case in horizontally (as pictured below) for a few seconds. It is as simple as that! You will also need to download the Kito Mobile Application where all the data recorded will be displayed and stored. Through these entries, you will be able to keep track of your health patterns and detect quickly if there is any problem. As this case connects to the Kito app through Bluetooth, it is only available for certain phone types. Recording your health data with ease and accuracy, this is the ideal case for anyone interested in paying a little more extra attention to their health!

kito - engadget

Photo Credits: Engadgetkito - pinterest

Photo Credits: Pinterest

Finally, introducing the Pong Case that protects your health in a slightly different way. Now that mobile phones are considered a norm, there have been wide discussions on the negative effects that radio frequencies emitted from our mobile phones has on our bodies and more significantly, our health. It has been advised for mobile phone users to use their earpieces while answering a call and to text instead of talking through the headset especially when their carrier signal is low. This is because despite already emitting radio frequencies, the harder the phone is trying to reach the signal tower, the higher those frequencies become. That being said, the Pong Case was created to tackle or ease this problem. Pong’s creators have stated that the case reduces the radiation levels from your phone as it deflects the waves away from the user’s head, without affecting the quality of the mobile phone’s signal. This is done by embedding a micro-thin gold-plated conductive circuit board in every Pong case, drawing the radiation towards it, diverting the waves away from the user. So if you are concerned about the detrimental effects of radio frequencies at a close range, why not try out the Pong Case and set your mind at ease.

pong - ebay

Photo Credits: Ebay 

So these are some cases to which you can utilize to pay a little more attention to your health this year! With the help of these cases, you can now monitor your wellbeing throughout the day without any discomfort and keep a watchful eye on your health patterns. Remember, a healthy body equals a happy life so it is never too late to start taking more notice and care for your physical wellbeing!