iPhone Case of the Month: Kickstarter Edition

A crowd funding platform that aims to bring creative projects to life, Kickstarter is always full of new and interesting ideas. Hence, this month we will be introducing to you iPhone case projects on Kickstarter that are so cool, you will probably want to get one for yourself! These iPhone case projects are all still ongoing so read on to find out more details.

First up, a minimalist case for the iPhone 6, 6s, 6 Plus and 6s Plus, it is the Alt. iPhone Case. Contrary to the usual iPhone case designs, it boasts an X-shaped frame which acts as a protector especially for the corners of your iPhone which are the most vulnerable. The frame corners are made out of an outer polymer shell as well as an impact resistance inner layer which is designed to keep the touchscreen off surfaces. Its unique frame is also cleverly designed as it helps distribute the impact of any drop. Its main feature though, is that it has a mounting and hands free kit.


Photo Credit: Kickstarter.com

The X-frame features a built in mounting center made of Neodymium magnets which allows the phone to be mounted onto a wall mount or a car mount easily and securely. The magnet is strong enough to hold the phone in place and the user can rotate the case freely to any angle without having to worry. The wall mount is a convenient size of a US quarter and is included in every Alt. Case while a car mount is optional depending on the user. The wall mount can be attached to any surface of wood, metal, painted walls and even textured walls with a padded peel off sticky pad that can be removed without leaving a mark. The car mount can also be clipped onto any car’s air con vent with one push and can be removed very easily. A plus point is that not only can the wall and car mount be used for holding your iPhone in place, it can also be used to hold the tip of chargers, ensuring that you will never have to deal with searching for your iPhone cable. This convenient and unconventional case comes in four different colours- white, grey, black and red.

Next, an iPhone 6 and 6s Case crafted with aircraft grade aluminium, the Gresso is a durable and protective case. It has even proven its worth by going through an extreme durability test which showed the case surviving after being shot by a shotgun, being ran over by a range rover and being dropped from 7 feet. It comes in a sleek and modern design which is also a plus point for an extremely tough case. More than just an ordinary hard cover iPhone case, the Gresso comes packed with a little surprise as this case also functions as a cardholder.

Gresso 1 gresso2

Photo Credits: Kickstarter.com

With it’s unique automatic mechanism, you can simple slide the back panel up and a card slot would automatically come out from the bottom. Termed the ‘Gresso Slider’, this mechanism has even been patented by it’s creators where a simple slide back would return the holder to its original position and a ‘click’ would indicate that the mechanism is locked in place. The Gresso is able to hold about 2-3 cards and this aluminium case effectively hides your card out of sight ensuring your privacy. This keeps your essentials with you at all times in a safe and compact case. Hence, if you are looking for both a functional and well designed iPhone case, the Gresso is the one for you. It comes in three classy colours of black, rose gold and silver.

And finally, if you own the iPhone 6 or 6s and loves the outdoors, the ProShot Case is the perfect iPhone case for you as is a waterproof, durable and shockproof case all rolled into one. The creators of this case encourages you to turn your iPhone into a GoPro with this case, capturing every moment without having to worry about your iPhone’s safety. Every case comes with two interchangeable lids capable of handling extreme environments. The first, the Touch Screen Lid is waterproof till 6 feet and is suitable for swimming or for all outdoor activities like waterskiing or rock climbing. Like it’s name suggests, even with the lid over your iPhone screen, you will still be able to use your iPhone as per normal. The second is the Deep Dive Lid which compared to the Touch Screen Lid, is waterproof down to an amazing 90 feet. Hence you will be able to take photos and videos with your iPhone underwater along with the help of a specific mobile application which allows you to switch between camera modes using the volume button.

proshot 1 proshot 2

Photo Credit: Kickstarter.com

Thats not all, the creators really had it all thought out as an option of three different interchangeable lens, the fish eye, wide angle, flat lens and a red filter for underwater are also available as accessories, as well as various mounts such as a chest mount or a bike mount depending on the user’s choice. With the amount of options to choose from, you could simple choose whichever accessory is applicable to your lifestyle!

There you have it, our top picks for the iPhone Cases of this month. Hopefully you have been inspired by the novelty of these iPhone Cases and don’t forget to find out more information about them on their Kickstarter page.