iPhone Case Of The Month: Droolicious

Geeks In Cambodia is back with iPhone Case Of The Month! Entitled “Droolicious”, we guarantee that you will be craving some food by the end of this month’s installment. Our iPhone cases have many functions. For some, it is a matter of protecting their phones against the pavement. For others, it is to spice up the look and feel of their phones. If you belong to the latter, this month’s cases are for you.

Bacon Pic

First course of Droolicious, the bacon and sunny side up cover from Strapya. Fried to perfection, this case is sure to make any user hungry. They may not be the most durable out there, but they are are eye-catching. The details on this case are off the charts, and the egg yolk looks ready to burst. Strapya has a whole range of mouth-watering iPhone cases: shrimp, soba, chicken cutlet rice and more.


Next up – something healthy to rid your guilt from the bacon and eggs. This watermelon silicone case by Victoria Secret can be found on Udocase. So refreshingly sweet, you might not be able to get enough. Sure, it may just be a single slice, but it can efficiently protect your iPhone from dust and scratches. Its high quality material also provides a good grip for butterfingers.


Finally, the unwrapped chocolate bar from Zazzle for all those sweet-toothed out there. You will probably need to keep an eye on your iPhone at all times, for this case looks too tempting. It is strategically unwrapped, for anyone and everyone to gawk at the delicious milk chocolate peeking through. Durable and lightweight, it proves a perfect snack to end off your meal. Sidenote: Do not try to break it apart for sharing.

That is all for this month’s featured cases. Now go cook up a storm!