iPhone Case Of The Month: Charge On The Go!

You are travelling on your journey when you realised you had forgotten to charge your mobile phone the previous night before. If this situation sounds familiar, you are not alone and we have the perfect solution for you.

Today, we will take a look at 3 unique iPhone cases that will protect your iPhone, looks good and give it the extra battery boost you will need.

Trianium- Atomic S Battery Case- Black (iPhone 6)


First on our list, we have the Atomic S Battery Case by Trianium. With a powerful 3100mAh battery, you get the same iPhone; but more than twice the battery power, amounting to at least 28 Hours of talk time, 20 hours to meet your internet needs and an amazing 100 Hours of music playback. And yes it comes with a Lifetime warranty as well.

Available in Black or White/Silver

Fast Fact Sheet

-       Powerful 3100mAh battery

-       More than twice the battery power you will need

-       360 bumper design + Hard shell back plate gives ultimate protection against knocks

-       Charge and Sync to iTunes- Without the need to remove your case

-       One Touch button to check remaining battery power

-       Ultra slim design with enhanced grip

-       Life-time warranty

i-Blason Power Glider Rechargeable external battery case (iPhone 5C)

I- Blascon Powerglide1

For the iPhone 5C, we have the i-Blason Power Glider- a slim and lightweight battery case custom made for the iPhone 5C, topped off with a 2200mAh Capacity Smart Polymer-Lithum battery paired with a built in kick stand for easy video watching and an on-off power feature which allows you to control whenever you wish to use that extra boost of power.

Available in a wide variety of colors (Red, Black, Blue, Yellow, White and Pink)

Fast Fact Sheet

- 2200mAh battery

-  1 Full charge = 1.2 times iPhone 5C internal battery

-  Custom made, full body protection design

- Supports charging and data syncing

- LED power indicator + on-off power feature

- Slim and light-weight

- 1- year warranty

Duracell PowerCase (iPhone 5/5s)


With Duracell’s PowerCase, protecting and charging your iPhone 5/5S is a breeze. Packed with a built-in 2000mAh battery, it is also compatible with its wireless charging pad – Simply place it on the charging pad and it will charge up your iPhone at the same speed as plugging your iPhone charger into a wall outlet. Alternatively you can also charge via a micro USB cable through the USB port on the case. You can choose to get the iPhone Case itself alone or with its wireless charging pad.

Available in Black and White


Fast Fact Sheet

-       2000mAh battery

-       Up to 100% extra battery power

-       Premium soft touch finish and design

-       Option to charge wirelessly with charging pad

-       LED power indicator

-       Smart power functions stops sending power once device is fully charged

-       1- year warranty

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