Iphone Case of the Month : Battery Charging style !

Like most of us, if you use an iPhone, you must be aware of the constant low battery issues… As it is very annoying, we went on a quest for a solution… And we found this : Introducing the Battery charging Cases!

Various brands offer strong cases able to charge your iPhone battery whenever it is necessary. All you have to do is switch the button of the case on… and wait for the job to be done !

Energizer case works only with Iphones :

iphone case charger

Mophie provides cases for iPhone, HTC and Samsung. The brand features a wide range of battery charging cases, that can also protect your phone from water, vibrations, or also featuring extra storage.

iphone case charger

So which one will you chose ? …

We hope you enjoyed those handy cases and invite you to submit your iPhone case selection for the next month edition !

Sources : MophieQiwireless