iPhone Case of the Month: Are You An Aqua-holic?

Tired of the usual, boring iPhone cases that everyone else seems to have? If you are looking to stand out, this month’s liquid filled iPhone cases are the ones for you! Simple, quirky, innovative, these cases will chase away your wet weather blues in no time.

Splashing in as our first case is the Aquarium case. This case gives all those who dream of owning a fish tank, the luxury of owning one without having to actually clean the tank or feed the fish.


Photo Credits: Amazon.com

At first glance, it may seem like an ordinary case with its seemingly transparent casing, however it is actually half filled with a vibrant blue liquid along with two little fish characters. These fish characters float and bob above the edge of the blue liquid giving the impression that your fishes are swimming around. You also have the freedom play with your on the go ‘aquarium’ by slanting or tilting your cover. With a little bit of imagination, just think about the amount of fun you will have your personal portable aquarium! With many other versions featuring different liquid colours and various sea creatures, you are sure to find an aquarium to your liking.

Next up, the iPooding case by Sumneeds. Despite its cute sounding name and appearance, this case has a lot more than meets the eye.

pbwebPhoto Credits: pbweb.com

holycoolPhoto Credits: holycool.com

Filled with harmless liquid paraffin, the iPooding boasts a texture similar to a pudding that will arguably have you constantly reaching out for your phone. Also included are small balls that will move around within the case when shaken, providing a plus point in giving the case a snowglobe effect. Despite this case’s texture which offers you a soft grip, you can rest assured that the case will not pop as the iPooding can surprisingly withstand 200kg of pressure while also doubling up as a shock absorber. As a peel-and-stick cover, the choice is yours to either apply the iPooding straight onto your phone or for better protection, onto another cover.

Last but not least, introducing the Quicksand Case. This case takes things up a notch when it comes to creativity by incorporating both liquid and sand in a single case. Even though it is filled with liquid and quarterly filled with sand, if you think that is all for the quicksand case, the creators have more fun in store for you.

AliExpressPhoto Credits: AliExpress.com

AliExpress2Photo Credits: AliExpress.com

Although tilting your cover in the day to play with the sand may be fun, the fun amplifies in the dark when your sand starts to glow in the dark! Filled with luminous sand, the Quicksand cover adds a definite twist to the trend of liquid filled covers. An additional perk that comes with this cover is that you will never have to worry about losing your phone in the dark. With so many cool uses, you can be certain that you will be thoroughly entertained without having to drain your battery life.

There you have it, our top picks for liquid filled cases of the month! Now despite the rainy season, don’t let the rain dampen your spirit and find joy in these simple yet ingenious covers.