Introducing Vine by Twitter

Last january, leading micro blogging platform Twitter introduced its new baby : Vine.

Vine is a mobile app, already available for IOS devices, and to be released soon on Android ones, that mainly focuses on videos. Users can register from their Twitter account after downloading the app, and then they can upload their videos to the platform.

As Twitter focuses on short contents, so does Vine. Each video will last no more than 6 seconds. Those looping videos remind a little bit of the GIF animations, except that Vine allows sound features.

The app is already called “the Instagram for videos”, and it is true that the interface looks like the Instagram’s one at some point.

So, to give a try to the Vine app, start with downloading it from the app store. Then, you can sign in with your existing Twitter account.

Vine mobile app

Vine will then transfer all datas including avatar and bio.

Vine mobile app

Once the app runs, you can check the popular videos and access the ones posted by people you follow on the “Home”.

Vine mobile app

You can also explore videos by hashtag or topic.

Vine mobile app

Vine also allows you to like and comment videos.

Vine mobile ap

If you want to start recording a video, you just have to tap on the video sign, and touch the screen. You can stop and start the video as mush as you want by touching the screen again. When your video is ready, you just have to publish it, just like you would send a tweet. You can tag it with hashtags and share it to your Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Here is an example of a video made with Vine :

You can also have a look at the following video to watch the full recording process and learn more about Vine :