Introducing Samsung Galaxy Gamepad

Samsung launched Galaxy GamePad, a Bluetooth controller for mobile running on Android.

Last March Samsung announced a game controller for Android devices alongside the official Galaxy S4 unveiling. It is from now on done since the long awaited Samsung Gameplay has been released few days ago. This gadget offers great perspectives in the future of mobile gaming.

The specifications

Samsung Gamepad features dual analog sticks, shoulder buttons, a directional D-pad, start home, back, menu. Related to the design, it strangely reminds us the iconic Windows Xbox controller.

The device works with a rechargeable battery pack and reaches a total weight of 195g.

The Gamepad is wireless and connects to the phone via Bluetooth 3.0, which is highly likely to reduce the smartphone battery life.

The GamePad is compatible with smartphones between 4-inches and 6.3 inches running Android and works with at least Jelly Bean. There is no restriction in terms of brands, but to fully enjoy the gadget it is required to get a Samsung device.

The alternative of touchscreen tech

It is true that most mobile users are still reluctant to play games on their mobile because touchscreen reduces the possibilities in terms of game experience. Developers face also issues in creating qualitative games when they are forced to restrict the controls.

The Gamepad paves the way of a new generation of game on mobile platforms, more advanced in the gameplay. Gamepad perfectly suits to racing games and FPS (first person shooter) and give mobile user a greater gaming experience.

Game compatibility

The GamePad can already be used for 35 games, among which Need For Speed Most Wanted, Modern Combat 4, Prince of Persia: The Shadow and the Flame. More games are expected to come. EA games already announced it will optimize its games for the GamePad. We can consider that other developers will follow the trend in the future depending on GamePad’s success.

Why Gamepad?

Samsung is clearly trying to impose its leadership in mobile gaming. Today mobile represents the most growing sector of the gaming industry. No less than 80% of mobile downloads are games and users keep spending ever more money on it. Analysts assert that the industry will worth $100 billion by 2017.

Samsung could not afford to remain inactive and miss such an opportunity.

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