Introducing Apple Pay: Simple and Secure

Gone are the days of fumbling for your wallet, now with Apple Pay, paying for items has never been easier. Apple Pay will change the way you make your purchases with it’s revolutionary new contactless payment technology.

Apple Pay 1

       Photo Credits: Apple

Simple and secure, Apple Pay proves to be a hassle free process that enables you to make payments in a matter of seconds. Simple from setup to payment, this new feature only requires you to add your credit/debit card from your iTunes account to the Passbook application on your phone by entering the card security code. Snap a picture of your card and there you have it, you have stored all your required card information on your phone are you’re ready to start shopping.

Security is taken to a whole new level as the Apple Pay provides you with a unique Device Account Number in place of your credit/debit card number. This number is not stored on any online server but solely in the Secure Element (a chip) in your phone. You never have to worry about your credit/debit card numbers getting stolen during your payment transactions.

This also means that you would not have to give out your personal details such as your card number, security code or even your name when making transactions. However, this also means that if you ever face an issue after you’ve made a transaction, for example you were charged incorrectly for your purchase, Apple might not be able to help you as they do not store your personal information. Just be sure to double check your cart before you pay with that one single touch.

Along with security, privacy is also a huge factor when your bank account numbers are involved. Apple Pay ensures that all your purchases are kept private, without storing your transaction details. In order to keep it convenient, users can still track their recent purchases on Passbook. On the iPhone, you can use Apple Pay with a single touch within apps via the Touch ID feature.

Photo Credits: Apple

With Apple Pay, the iPhone is literally the only thing you need in your pocket when you’re out on the town. However this also means that if your iPhone ends up in the wrong hands you will have to worry about unauthorised payments being made from your phone. Fret not as with the ‘Find My iPhone’ application, you are able to suspend Apple Pay by placing your device in ‘Lost mode’ or you could choose to erase all data from your iPhone, but let’s hope that’s never the case.

Apple Pay 3

Photo Credits: Apple

You can use Apple Pay with a majority of debit/credit cards from the top U.S. banks and in over 220,000 stores worldwide. This number is set to increase as Apple Pay will be available on a whole lot more apps and stores later this year, just look out for the Apple Pay symbol when checking your items out!