Interview: Trusted Nanny Cambodia, the Kingdom’s First Online Nanny Community

Trusted Nanny Cambodia, the Kingdom’s first online nanny service, seeks to pair families with the perfect nanny.

Through a series of tests and interviews, Trusted Nanny screens every nanny that is interested in joining their online community. In order to set their customers’ minds at ease, the startup makes it a goal to ensure that every nanny is qualified with the right personality, skills and experience.

Nicolas Sosnowiez, one of Trusted Nanny Cambodia’s founders, tells us more about the online nanny service.

Can you tell us more about Trusted Nanny and how it operates?

We connect parents with trustable nannies, babysitters and some maids. We are able to find candidates through our existing network, and we interview them to make sure they understand the job’s requirements. If the nannies we have interviewed match our standards and expectations, we publish their profiles on the website. They have a test of 40 questions and have to explain certain situations based on pictures with real case scenarios.

How did the idea for Trusted Nanny come about? 

It came from our own experience; it was hard to find a nanny for our son. We didn’t know where to look for a nanny, and a skilled one at that. One day, we hired a nanny, and after two hours, we found our son playing with a knife. He was two years old. We realized then, that we can’t hire “any girl”, or even test them by leaving them alone with our child. Anyone we trust to take care of our son should meet a minimum level of requirement, but how do we to find women that met our requirements? As there was no answer to that on the market, we created the answer!

What is the expected impact of Trusted Nanny on families in Cambodia?

The project aims to be more global than only Cambodia. Initially, the idea came first from our own needs, but we quickly realized that it’s not a matter of market; it’s a need at a deeper level. Not only do we want to become the number one resource for all parents living in Cambodia, but we also want to become a label, and we will soon provide trainings for nannies. So we are not expecting a positive impact on families only, but we are also willing to improve the skills and resources, and have an impact on the nanny profession itself.

What is the demographic of the families that use the Trusted Nanny service? Are they predominantly Cambodians or foreigners? 

For now, we have 70% foreigners (French, English, Australian, Chinese, Japanese) and 30% Cambodians.

How has the feedback for Trusted Nanny been so far?

Not that bad. We received positive feedback on clients’ satisfaction, so that’s a good start. Some people don’t understand the business model that we developed (relying on monthly or yearly subscriptions). But due to the high turnover rate in Phnom Penh, it was actually relevant to implement this system.

What were some of the challenges faced when developing this service?

Sourcing, finding the nannies. But also trying to get our clients to understand our “pure player” model. People are used to getting a lot of help and services in this side of the world. But as TNC is developed with our money, we haven’t been able to offer that type of “agency services” so far. This will change in the future. Another challenge that we face is payment. As we are online, a pure player, we accept credit cards and PayPal, but more than half of our clients give us cash. That’s why we’ve been using the Wing Payment Service for a few weeks now and we are going to increase the ways in which our clients can pay online.

What future plans do you have for Trusted Nanny?

We would like to develop our database of nannies. As we are not going to award official diplomas to our nannies for the nanny trainings, we would still like to make TNC a recognisable label.

Do you have any advice for aspiring entrepreneurs?

Yes. Cambodia is a perfect place for entrepreneurs, you can develop quickly in some sectors, and you can get your first client quite easily. Like trying to attain success anywhere, it takes time and a lot of work!