Interview: MekongConnect, Changing Your Online Meetings

MekongNet, one of Cambodia’s most prominent ISP, has recently developed a new product titled MekongConnect. It changes the way businesses can conduct online meetings, with more features than the regular Skype call. Learn more about this product in our interview with Chan Ty, NOC Manager, MekongNet.


(This interview has been edited for flow and clarity.)

Can you introduce yourself and explain what services and products MekongNet focuses on?

I’m Chan Ty, NOC Manager at MekongNet. I focus on network support and network operations here. I also handle product management, where we develop more products to support our Internet connection.

MekongNet is an Internet Service Provider that launched in 2005. We provide Internet access as well as ICT solutions. As compared to other ISPs, MekongNet focuses more on the corporate audience. Our services include recovery, disaster and more. My team works on solutions that we can adapt to the market.

Can you explain what is MekongConnect and how it works?

Through the MekongConnect webpage, different users can use it to conduct workshops, meetings, lectures and more. It is a way to meet virtually when it is a hassle to do it face-to-face. MekongConnect is a web conference service, where users having meetings online can do document sharing, window sharing, whiteboard drawing and more. To access this, simply sign up with MekongNet, get an account, and use the web portal.

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Users can invite people to join the meeting through email, and one call supports up to 250 people. There will be a password required to join the meeting, which ensures security.

What were the reasons behind creating MekongConnect?

We really wanted to add value to our Internet connection. For MekongNet customers who use this product, they will have the benefit of unlimited speed.

To your knowledge, do many companies in Cambodia hold online meetings?

Our market research survey found that many customers require this kind of service, especially companies with multiple branches in the country. Some are even in the same city, but the locations are a relative distance from each other. When holding their daily meetings, the staff would previously have to go to the head office for meetings. With MekongConnect, staffs do not have to conjugate at one location to hold their meetings. They can conduct it entirely online, which saves much time.

Other than for businesses, universities in Phnom Penh also have branches in the provincial areas. Without MekongConnect, these institutions have to send a lecturer to the provinces every weekend to conduct classes.

How do you think MekongConnect will impact the ICT solutions sector in Cambodia?

I believe that there will be quite a big impact, as MekongConnect allows people to use the maximum potential of Internet connection.

What is your vision for MekongConnect?

We want to expand this product into the region, and then to launch it globally. We have found that other ISPs in Thailand or Vietnam only have similar products, and have yet to make a big move. Hopefully, we can make MekongConnect a global product.


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