Institute of Technology of Cambodia: Engineering Career Forum

Interested to be a part of Cambodia’s largest tech & engineering employers? Then head on down to the Institute of Technology of Cambodia’s (ITC) Career Forum on the 16th of January from 7am to 6pm!

With the key purpose of opening up doors for Cambodia’s future engineering staff to meet with employers in the market, the ITC Career Forum wants to bring the industry partners and SMEs to meet with potential candidates who can be undergraduate students who are seeking jobs/internships.

For job seekers and undergraduate students, this will be a platform to engage with professionals and to meet the largest employers in Cambodia, and to learn about the job market as well as to find career opportunities. Participants should prepare their CV or any other related documents concerning their background because the forum will focus on pushing for recruitment for engineering fields such as civil engineering and architect, electrical and energy engineering and many more.

With this unique opportunity for one full day at ITC, interested companies/organisations will be able to meet, reach out and attract thousands of young talented potential employees who have graduated from ITC and other universities in engineering fields. Not only that, these companies will be able to easily promote what they do to a targeted crowd.

With about 20 companies on board and 17 more with pending interest, the forum is guaranteed to suit the skill sets of many different groups of students. Some of these companies include True Money, Schneider Electric, Food SMEs and even more ICT companies.

The forum will also hold workshops that will be conducted by different companies regarding different topics centering on the need for sustainable development of engineering for job development in Cambodia.

So far, two companies will be presenting:

  1. Schneider Electric: Sustainable Green Energy
  2. STEP IT Academy: How to make a successful international career in IT

More companies are still being brought onboard.

Ultimately a forum focused solely on connecting students in the engineering field to future employers, this career forum will be held at the Institute of Technology of Cambodia on the 16th of January from 7am to 6pm! All you will need is to be an undergraduate with a passion for engineering and technology to join. Featured as a forum that is open to the public; ITC welcomes all undergraduates to attend the forum to wow your future employers! :)