Instagram launches “Instagram Direct”

During a press conference that happened yesterday in New York, Instagram announced the launching of a new feature : « Instagram Direct ».

The new function consist in sharing photos and videos directly with specific friends and specific groups, meaning that the app would now offer the possibility to communicate privately (through private pics / videos and messaging).

instagram direct

This chat-like feature reminds alot of what Snapchat offer to their users, and with Snapchat recently rejecting Facebook’s offer of several million dollars, some describe this move as a « strike at Snapchat ».

Although, one of the main feature offered by Snapchat is the disappearance of the photos, which is not the case with Instagram so far.

Such a new option is described as a way for Instagram to attract more teenagers, as they admitted they recently lost engagement from young users.

Mora than this, with Instagram getting more « personal », the Facebook stocks have experienced 5% increase yesterday, and as declared by Yahoo Finance yesterday, this would add « about $6 billion to the company’s market value ».

You can learn more about Instagram Direct in the following video :

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