Infographic : Leading Social Networks in the World

Geeks in Cambodia is always on the hunt for hot Infographics bringing meaningful insights on Social Media.

Last week, we released an Infographic dealing with trends and insights related to Facebook in Cambodia, which makes sense as Facebook is the leading Social Media in the Kingdom. This week, our idea was to focus on Social Networks that are currently taking the lead across the world.

Seeking through the Web, an Infographic caught our eye, as it integrated not only the most renowned resources we’re used to talking about, but also some Asian Networks such as Renren, Sina Weibo, QQ, Qzone and Youku Tudou. As we’re always eager  to share informations about Social Networks in Asia, it was a good opportunity for us to learn more about those platforms.

Renren (formerly Xiaonei Networkis a Chinese network build with Facebook-like features, very popular amongst the young Internet users in China (where Facebook is, as you may know, pretty uneasy to access).

Sina Weibo is a micro blogging platform, initially launched in China in 2009, with recent expansion in Singapore and Indonesia.

QQ and Qzone belong to Internet portal Tecent. QQ is an instant messenger product, whereas Qzone is a social networking service whose features remind Renren’s ones.

Youku Tudou (formerly Youku) is a Chinese Youtube-like platform, partnering with Chinese TV stations and production companies providing contents to the website.

Considering the following insights on the number of Social Networks users, 8 MS blog raises an essential question : “Let’s not forget that Facebook, Twitter and many other services are banned in China. If Chinese laws are relaxed in the future, it would be interesting to see how many ‘active’ users Facebook could grab from QQ, Qzone and RenRen.”

 top social networks in the world

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