Increasing the Use of Khmer in Names of Cambodian Web Addresses

In conjunction with the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications organised a 2-day Khmer script Label Generation Rules workshop on creating web addresses on the Internet in the Khmer language.

Held at the ministry’s office from the 28th – 29th May, the workshop was chaired by HE Dr. Seng Sopheap, director of the National Institute of Posts, Telecommunications, and Information and Communication Technology.

Those who participated in the workshop included Khmer language experts, Khmer script experts in Unicode (a computer system) research, and policy makers in the field of ICT, who are affiliated with the implementation of Khmer registration addresses on the Internet in Cambodia.

Dr. Samad Hussain, president of the Internationalized Domain Name project from ICANN that focuses on creating addresses on the Internet in the global language, was there as a guest speaker.

Mr Rapid Sun, head of the Research and Development Centre in the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications, was also there to describe the plans of establishing addresses on the Internet in the Khmer language, including:

1.     Promoting the use of the Khmer language on computer systems more widely, especially so for those who do not know foreign languages or for people residing in the countryside

2.     Ensuring that addresses on the Internet are available in Khmer, as an international standard. For example, a website name ( should also be available in Khmer: ប្រៃសណីយ៍.ខ្មែរ

3.     Promoting and encouraging any institutions in Cambodia to use the Khmer language for Internet addresses here

4.     Providing diversity to the respective addresses on the Internet

5.     Providing opportunities for online Cambodian services such as buying goods (e-commerce) on the Internet

For more information / a clearer understanding of IDN, check out the video below:

At the end of the seminar, Mr Rapid Sun also mentioned that the group working on the project generating Khmer addresses on the Internet would take around 7 months to study and define the rules of characters in the Khmer language, before it could be sent over to ICANN to be officially approved. Web developers as well as Internet users can then request for their websites to be addressed in the Khmer language.