Impact Hub Phnom Penh Hosts Eco-entrepreneurs for Climate

As part of the week-long global climate movement, Impact Hub Phnom Penh will host Eco-entrepreneurs for the Climate to give you a chance to share your idea on how we can help improve the environment.

From 1pm – 5:30pm on Saturday, 29th October, the event will be your chance to be a part of a community that looks at green business, and considers how entrepreneurism can contribute to the preservation of Earth as we know it.

Two highlights taking place at the event include the climate innovation lab and the Climate Champion Awards (CCA), which is an award that is taking place in cities and communities all around the world and now, it’s hit Phnom Penh.

With this award at stake, many people who have a passion for improving the environment will be at the event. This includes students, experts, several small and medium enterprises(SMEs) and of course, fellow eco entrepreneurs.

This group of people will form the perfect platform for you to bounce off your ideas about improving the environment while networking with them. Your chance to do just that will come at 1:30pm on the day of the event, during the climate innovation lab.

Following the conclusion of the lab, the event will move on to focus on the CCA.

The CCA is targeted at those who have aspirations to be, or who are eco-entrepreneurs. This refers to anyone who has a business idea that could solve environmental issues or currently works for an SME who’s goal is to reduce both carbon emissions and pollution in the environment.

If you are such a person, sign up for the CCA now and you’ll get to present your idea in front of an expert jury and be in the running to be a Climate Champion Award receiver.

The 8 best ideas will be selected and will have a chance to fly to Marrakech in Morocco to take part in Conference for Parties 22 (COP22), an instrument that has helped the United Nations be equipped with an action framework to fight global warming.

Here at Geeks in Cambodia, we truly believe that the next entrepreneurial idea to improve the environment can be found right here in Phnom Penh.

So sign up for the awards right now at and get ready your pitch to the expert panel.

If you’re interested in attending the event, you could try dropping an email to to register your interest. Hurry though, we heard that there are very limited spaces available!