iMotion : The motion-sensing game controller

Game experience keeps going further and deeper ! Far from the time when we pretended to shoot at monsters and zombies with fake plastic rifles, nowadays consoles performances are huge when it comes to gameplays, accessories and gadgets.

Motion controllers definitely play a key role in the Game industry development. For example, Nintendo revolutionized the gaming experience with the first generation of Wii and their motion-sensing controllers. About 4 years after this release, Sony also revealed their own motion controller. Microsoft Xbox deliberately chose to focus on developing another kind of motion system : the Kinect, a motion sensing device that does not require any hand controllers.

Earlier we already introduced a motion sensing device, the Leap Motion. Today we’d like to talk about the iMotion : hand motion controller that can be used for any 3D applications and games on PC/Mac/Linux computer.

iMotion is developed by Singapore-based startup Intellect Motion, specialized in motion capture and medical diagnosis. Their researches in neurophysiology and coordination exercises led them into the gaming industry. The startup relies on a “Play for Health” as a concept.

The motion-sensing device can be worn as a glove. After installing the middleware on the computer, users can play with any existing games and applications. The iMotion features LED lights setting the body’s position in a 3D space. It also comes with a gyroscope and accelerometer that perfectly transpose the user’s movements to the screen with exact precision. Furthermore, Intellect Motion describes iMotion as 6 times faster and 10 times more accurate than other current console’s motion tracking systems. iMotion allows users to play any game and access any application without any integration.

The device is actually easy to use. In addition to being slim and sleek, it can be attached to any part of the body. The device is easily transportable and suitable for installation on any computer including friend’s ones. For a better gaming experience, iMotion can be coupled with Oculus Rift, a virtual reality headset designed for immersive gaming. The duo iMotion & Oculus Rift would provide body and hand motion control in a virtual world. If you add the Omni, a circular treadmill that transposes your movements to the screen, you can then get the perfect outfit and get ready for gaming!

The project iMotion was launched on KickStarter and aimed at raising $100,000 by October 27th. If you believe in the potential of this concept, you can take part in the project here.

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