Hear from Cambodian startups at EPIC’s Showcase

EPIC Showcase will be happening from 15 September 2017 at Raintree, from 8.45am to 12pm! During this exciting event, you can expect to hear from keynote speakers during a series of interesting talks, network over coffee with other individuals who have keen interest in entrepreneurship, development and investment communities, and most importantly, hear directly from the EPIC programme’s 5 chosen startups themselves.

Under the programme for around 9 months now, the entrepreneurs will be sharing about their successes and challenges faced, share plans for EPIC’s future and the lessons they learnt,  regarding their start-up incubation experience.

Also known as the Entrepreneurship Program ICT for Change, EPIC was launched by Impact Hub in 2016, in partnership with Development Innovations. This 1-year long incubation programme supports aspiring social innovators and startups in their growth and expansion; all with intention of helping them create impact-driven products and business plans capable of attracting potential investors.

Along with the rapidly developing market, EPIC focuses on providing the relevant resources needed by aspiring entrepreneurs looking to propel their businesses past the most difficult parts of their venture– the early stages.

This programme is also the first of its kind in Cambodia to invest approximately $20,000 in providing resourcing and materials; such as budgets for prototypes, workspaces, stipends and consulting for the 5 chosen social startups, which you will be able to witness during the event itself.

So if you’re interested in seeing the amazing ideas of these ambitious social entrepreneurs come to life, do come down to see their work at the EPIC Showcase this Friday! For more information, visit their Facebook page here or refer to the event poster below.