Groopic mobile app : Group photos made easy

What if a mobile app could solve the issue of group photos, by allowing even the photographer himself to appear on the picture ?

That’s what Groopic mobile app brings to its users.


Indeed, Groopic‘s features offer the ability to take several picture in a row, each of them focusing on different members of the group. In the end you’ll just have to decide where to place everyone, and launch the final render allowing all members to appear in the group photo by stitching the different pictures.

Let’s have a look at the Groopic video presentation to understand better how it works :

Groopic provides a unique experience in group photos, the app already received a strong support and great feedbacks from more than 15 countries during the test phase. This promising app won the Lahore Startup Weekend at LUMS in 2012 when it was only a pre-mature app project, not much developed yet. The team has also won a Plan9 incubation with a space at Arfa Software Technology Park from where they kept on developing the app features since september 2012.

Groopic mobile app is currently being developed by Eyedeus lab team, whom we met lately in Singapore. The app is already available on the iTunes store in Pakistan, and soon coming to the App Store and the Google Play store. If you’d wish to be updated with the upcoming app release, you can already sign up from the app’s website.