Google Women Techmakers and Android Study Jams

On April 30 to May 1 at the Cambodian-Korean Cooperation Center, the Google Developer Group Phnom Penh will be hosting an event that houses a Women’s Techmakers Program (WTP) and an Android Study Jams.

The WTP is Google’s global program that aims to provide visibility, community, and resources for women in technology. The hackathon is a two-day session that will hone and train women for a hackathon competition. Mentors of the hackathon include Mr Eay Uy, co-founder of Sabay Osja and one of the creators of award winning mobile game Asva the Monkey, Mr Kheng Vantha, co-founder of Biz Solution and the first inventor of Khmer Dictionaries for platforms such as Mac OSX, Android and Windows Mobile, and Ms Plong Malypoeur, developer of App Stops Near Me, the first app in Cambodia for Phnom Penh city buses.

The Android Study Jams is Google’s community program that provides code-labs with Android technology for beginners. Participants will learn more about coding for Android and will receive a certificate from Google after completion of the course with the submission of an app.


Apart from the WTP Hackathon Session and the Android Study Jam, there will also be a main event with Keynote presentations and a music performance. An established speaker at the Keynote presentation is Sacha van Ginhoven, an experienced Dutch design engineer with UX designs that has impacted the world; some of her designs include a sanitation system in the Nairobi slums and a drone network for healthcare. Survivor of the Khmer Rouge regime, Thida Buth Mam, will also be giving a Keynote speech. Having studied Data Processing in college, she has worked in Silicon Valley for companies such as Symantec, Adobe, Paypal (Ebay) and HP.

For more information, visit Google Developer Group Phnom Penh.

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