Getting Connected: Extremely Eventful!

Welcome to the third installment of our “connected objects” series. This time, the objects we are introducing will make your event more…eventful! Not just do they have an impact, but the benefits are ample. Spruce up your event with the following few gadgets, and leave a lasting impression on your guests!


keshot kioskPhoto Credit: Keshot

This social media photo booth is taking the globe by storm. The Keshot Kiosk is a portable and easy-to-use photo booth that allows guests to upload pictures to Facebook and Twitter. The kiosk’s design can be customised to display your company logo and reflect your event theme, and will surely attract your guests’ attention! Take a picture, drag and drop virtual props to spice it up and gain meaningful brand exposure when they upload it. Guests will of course get a high-quality printout as well to bring home (brand recall, anyone?)

interactive overlay Guests have interactive overlays that they can play around with to customise their picture.
Photo Credit: Keshot

With Keshot, you can even receive metrics of the social media photo booth usage and its impact. Want something like Keshot but you are based in Cambodia? Check out Pic Cell, the social media photo booth that caters to the Southeast Asian market (Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand). As Keshot, Pic Cell can help boost the online visibility of your brand and its event. Guests can send the image to their email, and Pic Cell will save all these emails for further marketing use. Data harvesting is also a possibility with Pic Cell, a useful feature for any brand.

Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 4.01.06 pm Photo Credit: Pic Cell


Lightwave copy Photo Credit: TechCrunch

Do we not love it when technology can be used for more fun at parties? Lightwave, wearable tech bracelet collects and analyses crowd biometrics in real-time, which allows artists to adjust the concert experience with immediate audience feedback. Launched by Rana June, an ex-DJ, it measures the crowd’s movement, audio feedback and temperature. It was created to replace the mundane paper wristband, and to function like 3-D glasses – return them after the show for reuse. Use it for a concert, marathon or soccer event, the possibilities with this wearable are endless.

During the show, guests can even unlock events based on their activity levels. For the Bioreactive concert @ SXSW 2014, guests who were really active unlocked free drinks. They even conducted a Boys vs. Girls dance battle to see who can groove out better! See Lightwave in action at the concert below:


A t-shirt brings out your taste, your personality (especially those with text on them). It is always a great promotional items for events – mass production, customisable, practical. So why did no one think of taking it to the next level? As it turns out, they already have. They, being the combined minds of whiskey brand Ballantine’s, interactive fashion firm Cute Circuit and tech fashion experts Switch Embassy.

tshirtos pic Photo Credit: T-Shirt OS

T-Shirt OS belongs with the modern day human. It has Internet connectivity, and had embedded LED lights that display anything you want it to. You can connect it to your social media, play music from it, and even take pictures through a small, integrated digital camera. Tweet or Facebook something, and it scrolls over your shirt. It is all programmed by an iOS application.

tshirtOS-1 Express yourself and be creative with this shirt made for the digital age
Photo Credit: T-Shirt OS

Now you must be thinking, “It will be so heavy with all that technology…and how can I wash it?” The bluetooth enabled shirt is completely flexible, lightweight and washable. 896 white LEDs that make up the screen are woven into the shirt, so you barely feel a thing.


Still in beta testing, Paulig Muki is definitely not your average coffee cup. Of course, it still functions like one – to hold your coffee. However, it combines the woe of coffee that is too hot to drink and technology to create the modern day coffee cup.

Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 5.28.02 pm Photo Credit: Paulig

Paulig Muki is powered by the heat from coffee, which is enough to grab an image from the web and update an e-paper display. This is the same technology as an e-book reader (like Kindle). You can use the application to upload a picture onto the display. Once updated, no electricity is needed to keep it there.

PAULIG Upload a picture of your loved one and enjoy it till your next cup of fresh hot coffee!
Photo Credit: Paulig

See it in action below!

These innovations are sure incredible, so get creative with your event!