Geeks in Paradise

After Geeks on a plane and Geeks on a beach, we’re pleased to introduce today “Geeks in Paradise” !

Actually what we’re talking about now is a workshop organized by Change, named “Geeks in Paradise” by Startups Hong Kong online media. But still, paradise seems to be a perfect word for this upcoming session.

Change is a Singapore-born project, aiming at “bringing people together from all over the world to exchange ideas and work on projects that make a real difference to people’s lives“.

The concept : organizing mentoring and coaching sessions in a great environment (namely Bali island…), and gathering people willing to work together on their project. The idea is to be inspired and relaxed thanks to the exotic and dreamy environment, and to be helped by a team of professionals bringing high quality advice and training.

During one month, participants are coached by mentors, who help them developing their projects, finding new ideas, improving their marketing strategy, growing their business network, and bring their startup to the next level.

Along with hardworking sessions, the idea of this workshop is to also take time to go surfing, attending yoga classes and get some relaxing massages… All of this in order to be even more open minded and inspired, and therefore to be more efficient when focusing on business issues. Participants can also enjoy Bali’s wonderful excursions and tours if they want to.

Basically, Change gives the opportunity to benefit from mentoring and coaching in another way, by combining business training and pleasure in a heavenly place, for an “experience of a lifetime” !