Geeks in Cambodia – Official Launch

Early this year, some of us expressed a strong desire to share their passion for Tech and Startups, through a media addressed to a Cambodian audience. We started with blogging for fun only, releasing few articles focused on global considerations on new technologies, and some stories about Startups emerging from Cambodia, and also across Southeast Asia. We also wished to share information about Tech related events happening in the region, along with our own thoughts on the local Tech scene.

Little by little, partners and geek friends started to contact us, with the same desire to gather more and more information, to spread the love and passion for those topics, and to grow the Cambodian Tech and Startup scenes to make them become stronger. By building a friendly network even outside Cambodia, Geeks in Cambodia finally appeared as the very first online media of the Kingdom to fully focus on New Technologies and Startups, and to deliver news in both Khmer and English languages.

On september 19th, after months of fun and sleepless nights chasing the latest cool news, our team, strengthened by the support of our sponsors, advertisers, partners and friends, decided to make the existence of Geeks in Cambodia fully alive and official.

Thanks to the support of Anana Group, MekongNet and Suncity, we had the opportunity to throw an intimate official launching event, gathering a wide range of Geeks and Tech lovers.

Reporters, incubators, retailers, tech companies, startups and many other Geek enthusiasts came to show their support and learn more about Geeks in Cambodia. This event was for us the opportunity to introduce the work achieved for the past 4 months, and to present our hopes for the future.

Indeed, Geeks in Cambodia aims at providing relevant contents about tech news and updates gathered across the World, along with covering specific stories happening in the Southeast Asian subregion, with a major focus on Cambodia. On a long-term basis, our desire is to gather more people and create stronger synergies between Startups, Tech enthusiasts and related stakeholders in Cambodia. Our needs are to reinforce the professionalism of our platform, and broadcasting the major achievements we already closed.

Our team members would like to personally convey their thanks to the trustworthy partners who got involved with us so far :

A special thanks to Digikaa, AnAnA Group, MekongNet and SunCity for all the resources they have provided, and the support they shown from the beginning.

We’d also like to thank SnowLizard and T.O Computer for making the lucky draw so cool !

Special thanks go to Singha Beer for their nice contribution ! We heard everyone appreciated their beers during the event !

Very special thanks to all of our guests and readers for their interest in Geeks in Cambodia, we invite everyone to stay tuned and have a close look to our future exciting updates…

Find all the photos from the event here :