GDG DevFest Phnom Penh 2016 – Developing Apps to help women

In exactly a month, from October 28-29, this year’s Google Developer Group Dev Fest, or GDG DevFest will take place at The Cambodia-Korea Cooperation Center in Phnom Penh.

Partnering with The Asia Foundation, GDG DevFest this year will focus on “creating mobile applications to help women”, specifically, to reduce violence against women, They are looking for 10 teams of no more than 4 per team, consisting of coders, women and subject matter experts to compete at the DevFest.

So if you’ve got an idea for an application that could help discourage violence against women, this is the event where your idea could come to life!

The area of focus, for this year’s DevFest revolves around three sub themes, which teams can select to build their app around. The themes are – women’s safely and security, reduction of alcohol abuse and violence against women and reduction of Intimate Partner Violence(IPV) content in the media.

For the first area of focus, in terms of women’s safety and security, this refers to applications which can help women feel protected in everyday situations. An example can be something along the lines of a taxi application where women can drop a quick alert should anything go wrong during the journey.

Looking to the theme of reduction of alcohol abuse and violence against women, GDG DevFest organisers would like to encourage teams to think of an application that can provoke online discussions about the importance of adopting a national law on alcohol content be it in terms of advertising, sales or even consumption.

The final theme that teams can choose is to build an application that seeks to reduce IPV content in the media. This theme revolves around getting the attention of policy makers and TV broadcasters to provoke a change in the way IPV is portrayed.

If you need inspiration about what apps you can create, no worries, you can use the list included in this link,, to get some inspiration for your very own application.

The link contains a list of apps that seek to end and prevent violence against women. One of the apps featured in this list is “Circle of 6.” This app lets you pre-select a group of 6 trusted friends to add to your circle.

From there, should you encounter an uncomfortable or risky situation, the app allows you to send a pre-programed SMS with your exact location to your circle.

With a whole list of applications for your inspiration and the chance to be able to help women in society, we at GIC know that you can contribute and be a part of this year’s GDG DevFest.

So if you’ve got an idea that could help end violence against women, sign up right now at