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Liger Cambodia’s team wins VEX Robotics Judges Award

Cambodia’s first entrant to the VEX Robotics Competition from Liger Learning Centre earned a judges award


Liger Cambodia’s Botjitsu Project

In the first of a two-part series, Geeks in Cambodia sits down with Liger Learning Centre’s Botjitsu team who have embarked on a robotics exploration


Hackathon SVtoPP Winners – GuideInsider

Geeks in Cambodia catches up with the winners of Hackathon #SVtoPP, GuideInsider


Microsoft’s Office 365 Launches in Cambodia

Office 365 is now available for use in Cambodia. With it’s cloud based system, you can expect to collaborate like never before!


Geeks in Cambodia’s EPIC Collaboration – E-House

In the final part of our EPIC Collaboration, we catch up with one of the 5 teams moving through to the acceleration phase

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