Gadget Review : XL Dekat

XL Axiata, an Indonesia-based tech company, has recently launched a GPS device called XL Dekat, aiming at reducing children’s abductions.

The gadget initially targets Indonesia, as the country faces important issues : according to Tech in Asia website, last year, there was a 50% percent increase of children’s abduction cases in the country.

The GPS device allows parents to monitor their children’s location, and can easily track them while they are out of home. They just need to login on their account via the website or the smartphone application before using the device.

The XL Dekat features real-time monitoring, call functions and notifications. The device can be paired with three phone numbers. Users can also virtually define “safe zones” on the XL Dekat website. If the GPS tracks a signal outside the established zones, parents are automatically alerted via SMS. The device provides a “SOS button” in case of emergency, that can send a SMS to all the paired phone numbers. The SMS can inform parents about the device’s current location.

The XL Dekat costs $77 for the first two weeks, and cost 92$ after that. For the use of GPS and unlimited SMS, users will need to pay $3 per month. The battery can last 15 hours roughly on standby mode.

The marketing campaign especially targets mothers in Indonesia. XL Axiata hopes to sell the device to at least 3,000 of them, by the end of the year.

Sources : Tech in Asia