Gadget Review: XG Virtual Reality Headset, Affordable and Stylish

Virtual reality will be even more apparent in tech this year, but it seems that such gaming headsets (e.g. the Oculus Rift) are extremely expensive and only works with consoles. The upcoming XG Virtual Reality (VR) headset will set you back less than $100, and works with mobile phones as well!

Phone Insert XG VR

Developed by I AM Cardboard, this head-mounted device allows you to immerse yourself into the virtual world with just your smartphone. No need for expensive gaming consoles like the Xbox or PlayStation, if your mobile phone is within the size of a iPhone 5 and Nexus 6, it is compatible with the XG VR. The idea was to capitalise on the high resolution and technology of the average smartphone, and build a virtual reality viewer to work with it.

This consumer-grade headset was developed as a result of the Google Cardboard project. It encourages anyone to use cardboard and a simple viewfinder to create a basic VR device.


Some of the features that the XG VR boasts are:

  • Multi-Coated Lens – These are anti-reflection and anti-print.
  • Comfortable Foam Pad – This is interchangeable, considering the dirt it would collect over hours of gameplay and use.
  • Easy Phone Attachment – As mentioned, it will fit sizes iPhone 5 thru Nexus 6.
  • Bluetooth Clicker – Something interesting, which is hailed by the developers as their solution to “magnet compatibility problems”.
  • 100 Degree Field of View – This is surprisingly enough the same as the Oculus Rift Development Kit 2.

Kickstarter pledgers will likely get their own headsets by June 2015, a reasonable time frame considering developers have just wrapped up prototyping.

Check out their kickstarter page here!