Gadget Review : The Voltmaker

As we like to share tips on iPhone’s gadgets, today’s pick is focused on an accessory that can also be used with iPhones, smartphones and other devices such as tablets or handheld game console for instance.

iphone charger

The Voltmaker gadget is a charger, which use can be quickly understood thanks to its tagline : “Completely charge your smartphone and other electronic devices and generate electricity/power with a flick of your wrist to save the day in all situations“.

Basically, this charger relies on renewable energy, created by kinetic. Meaning that you can recharge your device by creating energy with twisting your wrist :

iphone charger

You can also charge your Voltmaker in first place, and then charge your device with the energy contained in the battery :

iphone charger

Simple and easy, but very handy especially for hikers or travelers who can recharge their phones anywhere at any time with this item.

You can discover more about this gadget in the following video :