Gadget Review : The ChargeDrive

As Geeks in Cambodia is always eager to discover innovative and cool devices, today we are glad to introduce the ChargeDrive, a smart gadget for cellular phones featuring a phone charger, a tripod mount and a flash memory drive.

The phone charger is equipped with a flash drive memory able to store and transfer datas. The tripod format allows users to enjoy the ChargeDrive resources in a practical way.

Overview :

The device is available in 4 colors (Black, Red, White and Green) and comes with a limited edition in Carbon Fiber. The ChargeDrive is compatible with most electronic devices thanks to a large set of USB outlets. Easily portable and coming with keychains, it features three main functions:


To use the charger, users just have to connect the mobile phone to the ChargeDrive via the proper USB outlet.


Flash Drive

With 16 GB capacity to store and transfer, the USB Flash Drive is integrated into the charging system.



The tripod allows to set the phone in various positions, and can be used for free-hands calls, or any other free-hands purpose, like using cooking applications and operate a recipe at the same time.


The Story

The device is developed by Idris, a Mechanical Engineer from Chicago. “The Idea of charge drive came after being frustrated with my long wired and cumbersome charger and always having to carry flash drive with me” He says. He decided then to design the first functional prototypes of ChargeDrive and started a 40-day campaign on Kickstarter – the world‘s largest crowdfunding platform that helps projects coming to life thanks to online communities.


The project officially started in July 2012 when Idris had the first idea of the device and teamed up with his graphic engineer to design the first prototype. One year later, in July 2013, the team finally managed to release the first functional prototype. On October 25th this year, the team launched the project on KickStarter in order to make ChargeDrive become a reality.

Why Kickstarter?

Idris and his team need to raise funds in order to achieve the development stage of the ChargeDrive. At this point, they already found manufacturers and suppliers to support the project. Kickstarter communities are invited to help the team to acquire quality USB flash drives and be able to assemble the device.

In less than two weeks, the ChargeDrive already conquered over 250 “backers” and achieved the third of the final goal of $40,000. There are 26 days left before the end of the campaign, so if you want to support the project, please visit ChargeDrive’s KickStarter page :